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Vtuber Animated Stream OBS- Overlay Pack – Witch – Cute – Cozy Gaming Room – Star – Space






Vtuber Animated Stream OBS-Overlay – Twitch – Youtube – Overlay Pack – Witch – Cute – Hogwarts Legacy – Star – Space – Cloud – OBS – Kawaii – Twitch Overlay Celestial🎮


1) Vtuber star space 4 Animated Screens (Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Stream Ending, Module Intermission and one screen game border, Offline Screens)
2) Vtuber Panels Included Every Button
3) Face-Cam Overlay

🔥 All element 4k available 🔥

Overlay Set-up guide:👒
You will have an overlay setting-up guide in the download files as a link and Video.

★ 22 Social Labels | PNG with transparency |

Thank you ❤️‍🔥

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