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Date of last revision: 13 Jun, 2023

The Twitch Element team puts in a lot of effort to produce a digital product that will undoubtedly improve the look and production value of your broadcast. We do not permit or provide refunds once a product has been downloaded because our products are digital downloads.

Before making a purchase, kindly take the time to carefully read and study the design item’s contents. In circumstances like the following, there is typically no requirement to offer a refund if the item is functional and substantially comparable to the description and preview.

▶ After downloading it, you realize you don’t want it;
▶ The product fell short of your expectations;
▶ You simply alter your mind; you made a mistaken purchase;
▶ We advise downloading products as soon as you buy them to avoid this issue.
▶ You do not have the necessary knowledge to use the item;
▶ You ask for goodwill, or you can no longer access the item because it has been removed.

If you run into any setup problems, please consult our knowledge base or get in touch with us. You can get assistance from our Client Success Team.

listing mistake
Despite our best efforts to provide accurate descriptions, we are just human and occasionally make mistakes. If a listing description has a mistake, we’ll be pleased to correct it.

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