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Twitch Elements

Autumn Twitch chat widget (with custom colour) + goal widget

Autumn Twitch chat widget (with custom colour) + goal widget

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Autumn Twitch chat widget (with custom colour) + goal widget
Stream Cute Streamelements l Widgets for streamers l Custom Twitch Overlay Premade stream chat

Instant digital ZIP file download

🌸︵The chat widget includes role icons for Twitch using Streamelements and for using a CSS file.

🌸︵There is a goal widget available for Twitch.

🌸︵You can customize the accent color.

🌸︵You have the option to show or hide pronouns.

🌸︵Event alerts such as followers, subscribers, tips, and cheers are displayed in the chat.

🌸︵You can choose to show or hide badges.

🌸︵There is a message limit that you can set.

🌸︵You can choose to hide the widget after a certain amount of time.

🌸︵You have the ability to ignore specific users.

🌸︵You can align the messages to be displayed at the top or bottom of the widget.

🦋. Customisable chat widget and goal widget
🦋. Bonus Loop Animation & Chat Box
🦋. Step by step video guide & pdf user manual
- Stream Elements setup tutorial
- OBS Studio setup tutorial

。 ₊°༺❤︎༻°₊ 。

🦋. If you would like to commission me, please feel free to message me!
🦋. No refunds, exchanges, or cancellations
🦋. Files will be available to download IMMEDIATELY upon purchase.
🦋. Source files not included.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need anything else!

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